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I used to have time to do this, too. Since I got hired at my dream job, though, I haven't had much (any) time to do this. But I did it for quite a while!


I've got a degree in Liberal Arts: Behavioral Sciences. Ialso have one in English: Literature and Language. I've studied Web Design, Photoshop, Business, and Psychology.


I write a lot of stuff. I participate in National Novel Writing Month every November, too.


Let's talk about me.

     In Kindergarten, the kids in my class were rewarded for excellent behavior  with books. Mrs. Hudson intended for this to be a good thing, a way to encourage reading as something to be desired. The poor woman didn't mean to make a monster, yet here I am.

     I read everything when I was a kid. Even worse, after I started reading, I started writing. Oh, man. Everything went downhill from there. Now I've taken things to an even deeper level: I encourage others to write, too. 

     If you find this sort of thing nauseating, I'm afraid this site isn't going to do you much good. It might, however, help you with homonyms and commas. Or not. There's always hope.


I have credentials.

I'm a human

I am currently living it up with my dream job, technical writing. In the few hours that remain in the day, I hang out with the fiance and our two cats by immersing myself in TV, video games, or books.

My favorite book at the moment is The Scarlet Pimpernel‚Äč.

I've written bad poetry, but novels are my thing. I've written about eight of those now. I even like some of them.